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Year 2 Excursion to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary




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Week 9,
Term One, 2016

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On Tuesday 8 March, Year 2 headed off to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. The excursion was part of our current Inquiry into ‘How The World Works’.

During the visit, students inquired into how living things grow and change, explored educational information in a fun and interactive way and observed living things in a variety of habitats.

The children got ‘up close’ during an educational presentation with a Blue Tongue Lizard, Stick Insect and Green Tree Frog. Some brave children demonstrated the ‘Risk-Taker’ attribute of the Learner Profile when they were invited to touch the Blue Tongue Lizard. Ros the Ranger gave an informative talk on living things and how they grow and change. Did you know these amazing life cycle discoveries?

  • A stick insect lays its eggs underground for them then to be carried by ants back up to the surface (thinking the eggs are food) where it is just the right temperature for them to hatch!
  • A female stick insect does not always need a male to lay eggs, but the eggs will only hatch to be females!

Throughout the day, the Year 2 students encountered and participated in a number interactive activities. These included educational games, a free flight bird show and a visit to the animal hospital where we:

  • Watched an echidna’s routine examination and micro chipping
  • Witnessed a bat having its wing repaired after a tangle with barbed wire
  • And helped Mr Moy comparing his wingspan to that of a pelican, an incredible 2.5m wide

After lunch it was off to the kangaroo enclosure to observe an example of how living things grow and change. As students explored the kangaroo enclosure, they were lucky enough to see 3 stages of the life cycle; a young joey in mother’s pouch, young independent joey and the adult stage of Red Kangaroos.

To end the day, we had time to explore the park and its many animals, visit the Crocodile enclosure, watch the feeding of Cassowaries, hear the call of Dingoes, view snakes and marvel at how living things grow and change!

Summed up by one of the Year 2 students, “I had the best day ever at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. I felt interested because I was wondering a lot!”

Let’s hope the Year 2 students apply the same curiosity to our classroom ‘living things that ARE growing and changing’.

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