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Year 2 Sleepover




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Week 10,
Term Three, 2016

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On Thursday 8 and Friday 9 September, the Year 2 students, parents and teachers (with a small amount of trepardation and fingers crossed) were all set for their first ever sleepover experience.

In the lead up to this special event, the Year 2 students made their menu selections and packed their bags for the big night (including a spare pair of superhero undies ... just in case!)

This newly introduced Sleepover is part of the College’s Outdoor Education Programme and endeavours to help students develop resilience and problem solving skills in unfamiliar situations when they are away from home.

5.00pm fast approached and the students arrived back at the Gymnasium after the school day with sleeping bags, pillows, the latest of comfortable sleeping equipment, along with an array of pyjamas, onesies and loved soft toys to keep them company (and safe throughout the night).

A pizza dinner under the night sky calmed the nerves and got the night underway. Students then ventured to the Performing Arts Centre to enjoy ‘The Peanuts Movie’ on the big screen, star gazing through a telescope and an iPad App to locate the night time constellations. What better way to top off the night than with a Milo and teddy bear biscuit to prepare for bed.

As eyes started to become sleepy, the students returned to the Gymnasium, changed into their pyjamas, brushed their teeth and enjoyed a night time story narrated by Mr Taylor. To the amazement of the students, Mr Taylor really did turn into a Superhero after dark when he put on his ‘Spiderman onesie’. After striking a deal with the Year 2 students to be asleep within 20 minutes of lights out, Mr Taylor soon discovered that the challenge had been accepted by the cohort and as a consequence, Mr Taylor could be found completing his carpark duty the following morning in his much loved onesie ... great fashion on the fields or carpark should we say!

Despite the echoes of snoring that filled the Gymnasium, most of the students had a restful night’s sleep and were up at 5.00am ready for the fun filled Activities Day ahead.

Pancakes for breakfast were just the treat needed to get the first of the rotations under way. Students took part in three different outdoor activities that encouraged teamwork, risk-taking and confidence building. They completed a treasure hunt to discover the two names of the historical figurines that watch from the Quad Towers (do you know their names?), tennis skill development and a number of historical games such as parachutes, skipping and elastics linking to our Unit of Inquiry, The Past is History.

Time flew by as the students had fun throughout the day. Eighty students attended the sleepover, and ALL 80 Year 2 friends demonstrated impeccable behaviour, making this first ever Sleepover experience an enjoyable and engaging introduction to Outdoor Education for all!

Many of the students commented

“I love being at school at night!”.

“I wish we could stay for longer!"

“The Year 2 Sleepover is the BEST!”

“I would give this event a 10 out of 10 rating!”

After such levels of fun and excitement during this event, teachers and students were ready for a relaxing and recuperating weekend ... before the planning starts all over again for the next year!

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