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Week 5, Term One, 2018

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Year 3 students participated in a workshop that explored the skills to help when things get tough. The Students discovered that the answer was resilience.

Life is not always fun and easy. What do we do when bad things happen in our life?

Resilience is a fancy word that means being able to deal or cope with difficult situations in life. A resilient person is able to bounce back and keep going when things get tough and maintain their sense of who they are as a person.

Students learnt that there are many different abilities to being resilient:

• Bounce back and cope effectively in the face of difficulties
• Bend, but not break under extreme stress
• Rebound from adversities
• Handle setbacks, persevere and adapt even when things go awry
• Maintain equilibrium following highly aversive events

The Bouncing Back workshop was a great chance for students to role play and apply these skills in social situations.

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