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Year 4 Belief Excursion




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Week 6,
Term Two, 2016

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Year 4 have been studying in their unit of inquiry “People around the world have different belief systems”. As a culminating excursion, all Year 4 students travelled to local places of worship to inquire, ask questions, find out, sort out and go further to understand the impact of beliefs in our society.

Students had the opportunity to see symbols, artefacts and architecture relating to three different places of worship, a Synagogue, a Mosque and an Anglican Church. Students were able to take the knowledge they have learnt in the classroom and apply it to real life situations making further connections.

The students thoroughly enjoyed this excursion. Their enthusiasm and curiosity was evident in their questioning and discussions with the Rabbi, the Imam and the Reverend. They also demonstrated many aspects of the Learner Profile and Primary Years Programme (PYP) Attitudes out and about in the community.

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