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Week 5, Term Two 2017

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Students in Year 4 have been inquiring into the diversity of different belief systems around the world. The students are encouraged to develop an awareness of different perspectives from major belief systems and ultimately to understand their own personal beliefs and values. As part of their study, the students were invited to experience the Chung Tian Buddhist Temple in Brisbane and the Gold Coast Islam Centre in Arundel. During their time at the temple, the students were provided a guided tour of the grounds in small groups, and were encouraged to explore the many different buildings and their offerings. It was wonderful to see the students respectfully listen and pay attention to the ways and rituals that were being modelled during their time at the temple. Whilst it was a damp rainy day, Year 4 still managed to enjoy a well-deserved lunch picnic at the nearby Temple Gardens.

The mosque visit was hosted by the resident Imam, who shares not only his passion for Soccer and Futsal, but for his way of life and devotion to Islam. The students were provided the ways in which Islam is connected through history to other belief systems, and also how each belief system share a common goal to support the local community and provide a place for guided worship. The students were displaying great curiosity and appreciation by asking insightful questions to the Imam to deepen their understandings.

The day was a great way to continue to strengthen mindfulness and to reflect on the impacts of religions and spiritual traditions on society.

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