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Year 5 Afternoon of Eminence




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Week 3, Term Three, 2017

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Afternoon of Eminence is a great way for the Year 5 students to understand what it’s like to live the Learner Profile. After choosing an individual to research, students created presentations for the event.

First of all, what is an eminent individual? Well, it is someone who has changed the world for the greater good. For example, Marie Curie - she created the portable x-ray which saved countless lives during World War One. Another example of an eminent individual is Malala Yousafazai, who stood up to girl’s rights and education.

For this inquiry we had to do a number of tasks. To begin with, we had to do an amazing mind map, then we had to find a quote from our chosen eminent individual and write why this quote was special to us and what it means to us. Next, we had to create a timeline of at least 10 important dates in their life in any creative way. We also had to create an information report and a page in Italian. Lastly, we created and planned a special event for our eminent individual.

Of course, all of our hard work culminated in one very well anticipated event: the Afternoon of Eminence itself. As soon as the school bell rang, a buzz of excitement came across all the Year 5 students. We were given some time to get into costume and make final adjustments to our displays. The parents arrived and then, it was show time!

Everyone who attended the event saw amazing displays, from Liam Kiddle’s uncanny David Attenborough voice, to Sienna Taylor’s intricately designed display honouring Audrey Hepburn and Anna Thomas’ perfect replica costume of Indira Ghandi. The list didn't stop there.

We all represented our eminent individuals with pride and enthusiasm. We learnt so much about the individuals we had chosen to research, that all the parents who attended the afternoon, left knowing something new. Teaching our parents was extremely enjoyable and by the end of the afternoon we were all in a fantastic mood, topped with a great sense of pride.

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