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Week 1,
Term Four, 2016

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In the last week of Term Three, Year 5 students were challenged to an outdoor experience at Midginbil Hill for two nights and three very long days! I have got to say, this year’s camp was better than I ever imagined!!

We were a long way from our Somerset College routines while we were commando-crawling in the dirt, removing leeches from our bodies, and trying to find landmarks while orienteering through the bush!

2016 - T4 - W1 - Year 5 Camp

We tried to hit the balloon targets in the archery activity, we tried to steer our kayaks around the lily pads, and some of us even tried to walk across them, but whichever way we went we all ended up soaking wet!

The sleeping arrangements were very important for everybody. The girls slept in the bunkhouses and the boys slept in the lodges, which were all very cosy. One of the most exciting things of all was finding out who we were sharing our bunkbeds with – luckily every person got at least one good friend! After all the adventures and dirty activities during the day, there was a lot of fuss about who got to have the first showers and the lines were very long!

Year 5 Idol was a highlight for everyone – there was a variety of dancing, acting, jokes, comedy shows and someone even played the trumpet! There was some very cool prizes too!

The teachers were nice enough to let us talk for a little while before ‘lights out’! There is no doubt that we all slept very well on both nights and were very happy to know that we were coming back to school holidays and could recover from our outdoor adventure!

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