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Year 5 Mastering Learning Styles




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Week 3,
Term Two, 2016

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Everyone learns in different ways and this is certainly a celebrated difference in Year 5. In 1983, Dr Howard Gardner developed the theory of multiple intelligences and since this time educators all over the world have marvelled in the benefits it can have on classroom practices and the positive effects it can have on student engagement and enjoyment of the taught curriculum.

The Year 5s have just began two new inquiries, Natural resources can be transferred and transformed, and Measurements helps us investigate, compare, communicate and create. The learning engagements within these two inquiries have been tailored to suit the variety of preferred learning styles within each Year 5 class.

Piecing together puzzles of energy systems for our visual learners, acting out how electricity is created to suit our kinesthetic learners, playing rap videos to teach students the three states of matter and the difference between perimeter and area for our musical students, plenty of collaborative experiences for our inter-personal boys and girls, individual consolidation of concepts to ensure our intra-personal learners feel comfortable, stories and word games about the history of measurement and the creation of fossil fuels for our talented linguistic learners and plenty of mathematics for our logical ones.

In Year 5 we work hard to find the perfect balance for all. We celebrate our diversity and know in years to come our talents and learning styles will take us down the paths we wish to travel.

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