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Week 3,
Term Three, 2016

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This week Year 5 have started preparing for the PYP Exhibition, which is our biggest project for the year. The Transdisciplinary Theme for 2016 is Who We Are and the Central Idea is Children worldwide encounter a range of challenges and opportunities.

Students have been learning about children around the world who have less opportunities than we do. We have been watching videos on people in different countries to help us get a greater awareness of the challenges they face, such as gender inequality and racial discrimination. We have also been doing an activity called Message in a Bottle, where we had to get into groups and brainstorm what we think it means to be human. Some of the interesting ideas shared by the Year 5 students included: Humans can dream and create; humans have rights and responsibilities; and humans have the ability to share and communicate.

Ideas for our projects and actions have been buzzing all around Year 5, as we dig a little more into the PYP Exhibition. We have been reading a book called If The World Were A Village. The book asks the question that if the world were a village of only 100 people, would we all be treated equally?

Year 5 have also been learning about the difference between rights and wants. We have discovered that a right is what you need to stay happy, healthy and safe - like the right to have clean water, the right to have healthy food and the right to have shelter. On the other hand, a want isn’t really a need, but is more like a privilege - such as having an iPad, nice clothing, and going to the theme parks.

I would like to thank Mrs Proctor, Mr Halloran, Mrs Weintrop and Mrs White for the support they have given us so far, even though we still have a heap of work to do.

These first two weeks have been very interesting and I hope it will be this fun for the rest of the PYP Exhibition!

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