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Week 9, Term Three, 2017

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It has been a busy past few weeks preparing for PYP exhibition. We were all glad for the break of camp but now we have buckled down and again we are working hard.

Currently in our PYP, we are discussing our written components, sharing programme tips, brainstorming ideas for visual and interactives. Our mentor meetings have been very helpful. Thanks to these, we all have clear ideas of what visual and interactives we are doing and now it’s on to the fun part - creating. Already I’ve seen some really amazing models, posters, games and even a giant chatter box! It seems like PYP has been chasing us everywhere with it leading into specialist lessons too.

In Italian, we’ve been comparing our lives to those who are experiencing our issue and translating this to learn new words. In ICT, we’ve been busy creating group presentations on prezi or weebly, covering our various issues and the rights of the child. In art, we have been creating paper bead jewellery to not only recycle, but to learn what it’s like to labour as a child. In library, we’ve been brainstorming challenges and opportunities we face when being academically honest, researching and using technology in a safe, smart and responsible way. In music, we have tested ourselves as composers, writing a verse about our issue and adding music to go with it. Back in class it has been full steam ahead with most of the day devoted to exhibition.

We all have something to do, adding the finishing touches to our written component or getting messy thinking of ways to creatively display our research. All in all I think we are all interested in this inquiry and are now much more appreciative of our lives. I can’t believe there’s less than 2 weeks to go.

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