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Week 7, Term Four, 2018

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The annual Year 5 Shop, forming part of their inquiry, Producers and Consumers Influence the Marketplace was held in Week 6. Year 5 looked into supply and demand in the marketplace, the effects of advertising on consumers and how our products get from the ‘paddock to the plate’.

The shop grounds the inquiry in a real world context while also serving another very important purpose; a year level action for PYP Exhibition, which was presented to the school community last term. During PYP Exhibition, they learnt a great deal about children’s opportunities and challenges around the world so they knew they wanted to try and make a difference to their lives. They worked tirelessly over the 4 days to try and raise as much money as they could.

Due to the nature and popularity of the products sold, the shop was BUSY and, after costs were recouped, an amazing $797.00 profit was made. The Year 5 cohort decided that this money would be donated to Drought Angels where it can be put towards bettering the lives of children living on the many farms that are suffering as a result of the drought.

Thank you to everyone in the Junior School that visited the shop, your purchases enabled this action to happen. You have all played a very important role.

Congratulations, Year 5 – we are VERY PROUD!

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