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Week 8, Term Three, 2019

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In Somerset College, we participate in the Primary Years Programme. We have been researching, reading and writing using primary and secondary sources but that’s not all. We have been working very hard and have been showing many approaches to Learning and elements of the Learner Profile.

In Year 5 we have learnt many interesting facts that have formed us into very knowledgeable human beings. The whole grade has been taught all about global citizens and the united nation.

2019 - T3 - W8 - pyp y5

Here are some banger facts about global citizens that we have learnt: you don’t have to go overseas to be a global citizen, you are always a citizen of the country you were born at and we can be global citizens by feel, imagine, do, share.

Some other phenomenal facts are:
- 40% of the bananas that the farmers farm go to waste because of shopping centres strict rules, on average, 1/5 of the food you buy goes to waste.
- Approximately 2% of the oceans water is clean. How devastating.

Week 6 in PYP exhibition is the most important part of PYP because it is research week. We gather lots of information on our key questions that we formed, researching Line of Inquiry 1, 2 and 3. Later on in PYP we are going to use this research for nearly every single subject. Art- using our research to display information on stop motion. In ICT - making multiple questions about our issue on scratch, using our knowledge gained from researching in class. Completing our written component too. We also had the option to book a research appointment with the librarians, helping us with any places in research that we got stuck on.

Throughout PYP exhibition we will be having mentor meetings. Mentor meetings is when you get assigned a teacher - for example mine is Mrs Mclaughlin - and they talk to us about the inquiry, what we are doing and how she can help, maybe assigning us someone for a primary source for research or just talking to us about stop motion or the written component by stating his/her opinion. These meetings have been invaluable.

Did you know that last year in PYP you had to do your issue about children but now your allowed to do whatever you want! From climate change, to children around the world, or ocean pollution! We are enjoying the process and can’t wait for September 18th to share our understanding.

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