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Week 6, Term Two, 2017

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Somerset College is committed to ensuring our students understand and apply the skills of being safe, smart and responsible online.

Our aim is to equip students with the needed tools to understand and navigate the increasingly growing online world. We have recently become a registered eSmart school with the Alannah and Madeline Foundation and as a part of this our Year 6 students complete the Digital Licence. The Digital Licence steps students through skills and behaviours that are necessary to become a positive digital citizen.

2017 - W6 - T2 - Digital Licence

The students explored 8 different modules based on different topics. These included using different digital devices, protecting privacy, effective researching, creating and sharing ethically, social-networking and gaming advice, communicating effectively online, how to make friends and avoid strangers and managing credit, coins and money. When talking with these students it is clear that they are becoming more knowledgeable and confident when online.

Last term with Miss Rosentreter we completed an online safety course called Digital Licence. I learned so much while doing this such as how to create safe passwords, how to tell if your computer has a virus, never giving out personal details and much more. All of the classes had a competition on who could complete the program the quickest. 6L won and got awarded a lunch time pizza party! All of these skills that we learned in the past few weeks will stay with us for the rest of our lives and help us out when online.Iona Radcliffe - Junior School Captain

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