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15 of Our Very Best Memories From The Very Best Musical Camp




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Week 2,
Term Two, 2016

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Last weekend saw our annual musical camp take place at Camp Bornhoffen in the Numinbah Valley. Whilst there was plenty of rehearsing, and eating and fun had along the way, here are a 15 of our very best memories from the very best musical camp.

  1. The fantastic footwear sported — who needs dancing shoes when you could wear Crocs or Uggs?
  2. The annual sleeping bag wrestling championships, with a decisive victory from the Bolton Family.
  3. Finding out Mr Keczan plays favourites. Sorry Eloise, you’ll just never be on Jess’ level.
  4. Singing off pitch backing vocals — solo.
  5. Using your phone as a prop to text, and then actually texting. And a couple of face swaps.
  6. Teaching a team of basketball jocks how to dance.
  7. Going to sleep while listening to Bill’s Bedtime Stories™
  8. Seniors going for a dip in the frigid pool. And one unco’ senior in particular jumping in too early. Perhaps a metaphor for his dancing ability?
  9. The many impromptu onesie sing alongs, featuring past musical dance moves.
  10. Being roasted like an Ethiopian arabica dark blend coffee.
  11. Kenta being unable to fall asleep because of the poltergeist bunking with him.
  12. All the stockpiles of candy in the middle of everyone’s rooms.
  13. Taking the required High School Musical album cover photo.
  14. Realising that we’re actually in a High School Musical!
  15. And realising that this is our last high school musical.

From all of the seniors on Musical Camp 2016, we want to thank all of the other students who made this musical camp the best and most memorable. And most of all, a huge thank you has to go to Mrs Roberts, Mrs Fisher, Mrs Rowe, Miss Flynn, Mr Keczan, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Mason who organised the camp. Without them, none of our unforgettable memories would exist, and we thank them all for bringing these to fruition.

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