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17th Annual Synergies Evening




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Week 4,
Term Four, 2016

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Friday 21 October saw the 17th annual Visual Arts and Wordsmith evening; Synergies. The evening saw the award of the Year 12 Visual Arts prize go to Madeline Hayden-Smith, well done to the other shortlisted students; Bryce O’Hara, Finley Burns and Annabelle Trimble.

The following class recipients also received awards:

  • Year 9 Printmaking went to Julius Wright and Louisa Ardill-Walker
  • Year 9 Illustration went to Natalie Blauberg and Vanessa Van Twuiver
  • Year 9 Painting went to Tara Davies and Mi-Jung Kim
  • Year 10 Ceramics went to Yasmin Holmes and Valerie Fang
  • Year 10 Open Media went to Jasmine Swift and Tess Arnold
  • Year 11 Substance and Perception went to Gina-Maree Teixeira
  • Year 11 Need and Desire went to Jennifer Wong-Lin

The people’s choice award went to Jessica Stewart, Year 12 IB Diploma, for her Constraint and Freedom installation. Congratulations to all the prize winners.

Further congratulations goes to all the exhibiting Visual Arts student for their talent and commitment to creating such a visual feast for all those that came along.

Thank you to the Wordsmiths; Kristina Halfpenny, Zach Mark, Kate FitzGerald and Anneliese McConnell for their wonderful prose and poems.

And lastly, a big thank you also goes to Lisa Sorbie-Martin for being our guest Judge and for her wonderful words of praise to all our students.

This year has seen some change within our Department and there are some exciting developments and innovations just waiting in the wings for all things Visual Art and Design, so watch this space!

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