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1st Netball Team Scores Third consecutive APS Title




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Week 8, Term Two, 2019

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Our 1st Netball team headed into the APS Finals on Friday with a goal in mind, to bring the trophy back home and complete an undefeated record in three APS seasons. Mission accomplished… but it wasn’t easy.

Without the experience of Rylee Burns, who was at AIS with Netball Australia commitments, the team were in for a tough encounter against a full strength All Saints side. In a physical, hard fought first half the scores were level as Somerset rotated players in the hope of unsettling the All Saints attack. With all players contributing, the team defence was relentless, forcing the opposition into errors and giving Somerset crucial opportunities and taking the lead.

2019 - T2 - W8 - APS Win 2

The circle defence of Natalie Blauberg and Ellie Muir was outstanding as was the leadership and hard work from Sara Dann and accurate shooting from Kasey Collings and Amaris Toia.

Patience, Perserverance and Fitness was the key in the end with April McMullen, Charlotte Chant, Georgia Wilson, Jemma Clements and Trinity Toia all having an important role to play in bringing the trophy home, finishing the Grand Final with another fantastic win! Final score 39 to 27.

Congratulations TEAM, another outstanding effort!

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