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1st XV Leadership Camp - Stoten Farm




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Week 6, Term Four, 2017

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Players from Somerset's Rugby team recently headed to the Stoten family's farm for a camping trip. The group spent the time bonding, training and playing the game.

When the boys arrived at the Stoten farm camp we immediately began setting up beds for the night. This allowed both the Year 10s and Year 11s to bond with each other before dinner. After bellies were filled and a quick wash off in the pond, it was time to head down to the shed to gain knowledge of Somerset’s rugby history. After being shown the legacy of what is expected in Somerset rugby, the boys were willing to accept the blood sweat and tears required to progress in our next year of rugby.

Early on in the morning the boys (to their delight) were surprised with a well needed cardio session. However, the boys didn’t grunt and moan but rather took on the task ahead and got the hard yards in. This proved the hard work the boys are willing to put in for each other in our road to success. After the hard work was over, it was time to receive our reward. The water slide provided not only endless fun for the boys in the rain but also a good proactive bonding activity. After packing up we set off to train on Casuarina’s rugby fields for our first skills session as a full team. This provided the coaches with knowledge of the variety of work needed to be done for the next season of rugby.

The Stoten family camp provided effective bonding activities, outstanding food and important knowledge for the season to come. Special thanks to the Stoten family for hosting the Stoten family camp, Ian and Amy Pye for their help throughout the camp and the coaches Mr. Attoe and Mr. Anderson for skill, knowledge and character building activities.

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