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Week 8, Term Two, 2018

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Sixteen aspiring economists participated in a range of interactive presentations and activities provided by Griffith University Teaching Staff and also enjoyed a taste of university campus life. The students are to be commended for their mature conduct and genuine participation in the programme.

Here are some important questions for the leaders of the 21st century:

• How can we calculate the value of the Great Barrier Reef?
• Are robotic accountants as good as human accountants?
• How can we ensure that all retirees live long and happy lives after they finish work?
• What does game theory tell us about whether to share or steal economic assets?
• How can we identify the growth industries of the future?

And these were just some of the questions considered by a group of Year 10 Economics students during their visit to the Griffith University Nathan Campus for the Business and Commerce Experience Day on Thursday 6 June.

The Business and Entrepreneurship Department hopes that this is just the start of their long and rewarding careers in business, economics and commerce.

Special thanks to Mr Evans for driving the bus to and from the university and to Mr Oman for organising the day.

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