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A Slam Dunk at PA Assembly




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Week 6,
Term One, 2017

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Last Friday, the Senior School came together for the inaugural Performing Arts Assembly. In The Great Hall, students were treated to excerpts and explanations of the House Plays as well as the few quiz items regarding lyrics.

One of the highlights was the slam poetry contest between Mr Wrigley and Mitchell Olarenshaw, with Mr Wrigley presenting odes to uniform and excuses for lack of work being produced, whilst Mitchell countered with a rap with perhaps some not so kind comments regarding Mr Wrigley’s commentating abilities and that perhaps he should ‘stick to Maths’, but all in good fun. Thanks must go to all the performers at the assembly with a special thanks to Mr Wrigley and Mitchell for their work, and of course to our PA Captains for hosting, David Harris and Daiana Yoon.

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