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Week 3, Term Two, 2019

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Active Kids is an activity Year 8 and 9 students can participate in that goes towards their service hours during lunchtime and PC on Wednesdays. In Active Kids, you work in groups to come up with fun games to play with the Year 1 students that will help enhance their motor, hand-eye co-ordination, and teamwork skills.

Year 8s and 9s also join the Year 1 and 2 students in their playground, designing and playing fun games with them.

Each Wednesday we are greeted by enthusiastic, smiling and excited Year 1 and 2 students which can’t help but make you smile. The kids are all so friendly and love to hug and get to know us better; they also love the activities. Active Kids is a great Service Learning opportunity for all Year 8 and 9 students. Anyone interested in participating this term should contact Ms Lee.

Some past Active Kids participants have said the following about their experience:

"Many generous volunteers from Year 9 Veivers house went down to the common oval on a Wednesday lunch time, to participate in the Active Kids programme. During the Active kids programme volunteers set up various activities to entertain the year ones during their lunch break. The activities which were set up were physically challenging and involved collaboration with members of their class. As a group we enjoyed getting to know the children over the term, as well as forming valuable friendships and talking to the younger generations of the Somerset community."

"During the programme I enjoyed cooperating with the children playing games and getting to know many of them. Throughout the course of the term, I began to look forward to the programme every lunch time and meeting up with the kids which I had formed friendships with. From the programme I learnt to collaborate with children much younger than myself, and develop friendships which I would have never had a chance to otherwise. I discovered that it wasn’t as difficult to have a conversation with young children, as I expected it to be and I enjoyed working with young kids. This came as a surprise as I didn’t expect to get along with many kids during the programme. As a whole the Active Kids programme was such a positive experience and a worthwhile activity, which provided me with many skills for the future."

"Active Kids is one of the most enjoyable service opportunities that I have participated in as part of the MYP. Throughout Active Kids, we the job of designing activities and games for the Year 1s. In doing so, we developed new skills such as communication and cooperation as we worked in teams to design the activities. We also got real-life applications to this, we learnt how to interact with kids who were much younger than us and we learnt how to design games appropriate for kids. I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with people that I haven’t worked with before and it was good to get an idea about the background of other people enabling us to learn more about each other."

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