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Week 9,
Term One, 2016

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That was the busiest nine weeks ever, I think! We have had three camps, a rugby tour leaving tonight and a gym opening, to name a few of the major activities that have happened this term.

Last week our Year 8 cohort went to Moreton Island to experience island life as part of their Outdoor Education programme. The students experienced sand tobogganing, snorkelling, sea kayaking, along with many separate explorations of the second largest sand island in the world. With a combination of camping and dormitory accommodation it was a nice introduction than the more hard-core camping experiences of Years 9 and 10 camps.

2016 - T1 - W9 - Hero

The Year 9 students had their camping experience in and around Moogarah Dam. A lot of time was actually spent in Moogarah Dam at site one. We had amazing sailing conditions with 10-15 knot winds, helping students gain some exhilaration while trying to maintain an upright boat, not always successfully. We also had a Canadian canoe activity involving a capsize drill, which the students mastered time and time again until a departure to move to Site Two where students spent the afternoon working on their sea kayaking skills. The next morning involved the toughest day, a hike up Mt Greville, a palm filled gorge leading to a summit with uninterrupted views of the scenic rim and then a tough descent. The five hour hike was followed with an afternoon of rock climbing at Site Three at Minto crags.

The next morning students swapped to abseiling a 30 metre drop and overcoming the fear of stepping backwards over a cliff edge. This is probably the most mentally challenging of the activities with many students feeling especially proud of their efforts. After conquering the mountains the students then move to the last site at The Gorge. A tranquil creek setting that involves a short but challenging hike where students and staff must make a creek crossing trying to keep their shoes and clothes dry above their heads before traversing a sheer rock face to get to the Moogarah Dam wall. The highlight for many was not the many adventurous activities but learning how to survive without parental help. We solved such major dramas as how to crack an egg and how to eat an orange without a knife.

I hope all the students involved enjoyed their own bed last weekend and caught up on some well-deserved sleep.

Tonight, or more specifically tomorrow morning at 3.00am, our rugby boys travel to Vancouver for our biennial Canadian Rugby Tour. We wish them well.

Our gym continues to be well patronised, with many of our Senior students either starting or finishing their day with a group fitness workout or a weights session. This is fantastic and with the new track opened this week we will see even more students actively engaged in the sporting opportunities at the College.

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