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An Amazing Season for Girls Basketball




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Week 7,
Term Four, 2016

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The Open B Girls Basketball team had an amazing season this year. Throughout the season, we worked hard to see our skills improve and to see our team come together as a formidable opponent against the other schools.

As the weeks went by and we began to win game after game, we quickly realised that we had a good chance at taking home the premiership.

2016 - T4 - W7 - Basketball Girls

In the last round before finals, we found an incredibly difficult opponent in AB Paterson College, losing our first game of the season, 44-26. Although disappointed, our team was more determined than ever, putting in extra training hours throughout exams to fine tune our defensive and offensive plays.

When Finals Day arrived, we stood firm in the belief that if we were to go down, we would go down trying our absolute best.

The game began and after a few quick baskets from Izzy and Abby, our hopes were lifted immediately. Our defensive zone was stronger than ever and thanks to Samantha and Soraya, our free shots were more often making it in than not. However, the opposing team was just ahead, with the score at the end of the first quarter being 5-4 to AB Paterson.

Going into the second quarter, the fatigue was beginning to set in but with Abby and Grace playing well together as point guards, and Samantha, Izzy and Mackenzie effectively posting up on attack, we came out slightly ahead.

However, the game was far from over. In the third quarter, we saw Genie and Soraya give it their all at the top of the key and Crystal and Jemima take on some taller girls. AB Paterson were not going to let us have it easy. The game’s level of intensity was at its peak, as Somerset was just behind, leading in to the final quarter.

With one quarter to go, Mrs Burns offered us words of wisdom as she told us that we had to remain steadfast in our positive outlook and truly had to dig deep if we wanted to take home the win.

And so, on we went, hungrier than ever. Mackenzie and Abby took every intercept and let no one catch them as they made fast breaks, Samantha and Izzy successfully converted every missed shot into points and Soraya, Genie and Crystal were consistently open and ready to assist. Grace never let AB Paterson’s main shooter out of her sight. In fact, in the entire last quarter she never once touched the ball.

With a minute to go, we had just got hold of the lead. The score was 21-18 to Somerset and with the premiership suddenly in sight, we scrambled and hustled as adrenaline took over and we ran towards the finish line. As the clock counted down to zero, AB Paterson took the final shot of the game from the 3-point line. A 3-point shot would leave the game tied. The room went silent, as we anxiously watched the ball circle the hoop and then proceed to just fall short. Everyone began to breathe. WE HAD WON.

We would like to extend a massive thanks and appreciation to Mrs Burns, Ms Muscat and the Girls Open A Team, for never wavering in their support and belief in us. Without their help, we could never have accomplished the massive feat that we did. It was an outstanding season and for us seniors, it was an unforgettable way to represent Somerset for one final time.

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