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Ancient Egyptian Extravaganza in Year 7




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Week 9, Term Three, 2020

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This week we were transported back to Ancient Egypt during the Ancient Egyptian Morning Extravaganza. Everyone dressed up in Egyptian costumes and a guest speaker came in to talk about the daily life of the Egyptians during the 1950s.

Our visitor recalled her time as a child in Egypt. Growing up in Egypt, she spoke Arabic, German, French, Spanish, English, Austrian and the Egyptian local language. This stunned many of us.

She spoke about her education as a woman in Egypt. Women had less rights and limited access to education. However, she had the privilege of attending three different schools. Of those she attended, there was a German school, an Arabic school and a French School. She told us about the place she lived in Egypt. It was a special apartment covered with marble, limestone and gold. Her family had a cleaner who cleaned the house and cooked for them every day. As part of her duty, the cleaner retouched the balustrades with gold paint daily.

Her family made the decision to leave Egypt when she was 11. When she left the country, she had to leave all her belongings behind because the president at the time would not allow people to take all their belongings, except for a suitcase. She landed in Australia and began her new life in a foreign country that she knew nothing about.

At the end of the presentation, she set out some food, made from recipes from Egypt. These Egyptian delights include fairy floss, biscuits, apricot treats and lollies. They were delectable.

Overall, I am captivated by the guest speaker’s story. The Ancient Egyptian Morning Extravaganza is a fun learning experience for Year 7.

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