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Week 9, Term Three, 2019

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A number of passionate mathematics students, in Years 11 and 12 achieved excellent results in the Australian Mathematics Competition earlier this term. Outstanding participants were rewarded with Certificates of Credit, Distinction, High Distinction and a Prize.

In total, six students were awarded Distinction certificates and four students were awarded Credit certificates. Three students were awarded High Distinction certificates, of which two of these achieved in the 100 percentile rank.

2019 - T3 - W9 -  maths

Clare Hong (Year 11) sat the same paper as the Year 12 students and was awarded a Prize. A prize is awarded generally to no more than 1 student for every 300 students within their year group.

The names of the students appear below.

Prize (100th percentile rank)

Clare Hong

High Distinction Award

Kevin Song (100th percentile rank)
Harry Ko (95th percentile rank)

Distinction Award

Matthew Sprague
James Guy
Desmond Chuah
Joanne Ryu
Shige Xu
Jack Luke -Paredi

Credit Award

Stewart Ford
Brock Hudson
Nina Varcoe
Jacinta Mai

Participation Award

Ray Cheng
Ellie Shen

I would like to recognise the participation of students from Somerset College and congratulate them on their achievements.

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