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Ben Lee Song Writing Workshop




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Week 9,
Term One, 2016

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As part of the Bleach* Festival, five keen Somerset students were fortunate to attend a song writing workshop by renowned artist Ben Lee. He taught us to challenge contemporary song writing techniques by questioning the virtuosity of our music.

Instead of aiming for a hit single, written purely for monetary success and giving people what they want to hear, he challenged each of us to scrutinise our own songs. The purpose of this exercise was to sort the virtuous lyrics from the ‘egotistical’ ones. According to Ben, the human psyche evolves around the seven virtues and the seven sins, or as he called them, ‘egos’. We learnt to find and eliminate the ‘ego’ within our own music in order to grow as an artist.

Daiana Yoon with Ben Lee

What we’re talking about is creating maps [with our songs], so that people who are lost can use them to find their way back.

Thank you to Mrs Roberts and the Bleach* Festival for the opportunity to attend this workshop.

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