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    Week 4, Term Four, 2017

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    Nine Year 10 and 11 students attending the A.B. Paterson College and Bond University Leadership Experience embraced the opportunity to meet and work with students from other APS schools in workshops facilitated by Peer Power. Each of the students gained valuable skills in team work and leadership and represented the College admirably at the event held at Bond University.

    Ainsley McCarthy – Year 10 Laver

    Perhaps the most memorable part of our leadership experience was participating in ‘the lifeboat’ activity. We were separated into groups and each given a title. We then had to decide who was to be left behind on the sinking boat. This deliberation process brought out the best and the worst of people. We had make a case as to why each of us should stay whilst others proposed that in order to be fair, we should all remain on the life boat and drown together. It became very clear as to what each person’s strengths and weaknesses in a team are, how their decision making process takes place and whether they fear or thrive on stress.”

    Kevin Song – Year 10 Franklin

    "Last week I was given the amazing opportunity to attend the A.B. Paterson College Leadership Experience at Bond University. Being in a room with like-minded students allowed me to expand my personal possibilities and capabilities. The thing that I enjoyed most was exploring my own leadership style, methods of communication and personal fears. I received insight into an area of my life that I had not previously put much thought into."

    Vivi Baker - Year 10 Starkey

    "I really enjoyed the A.B. Paterson College Leadership Experience at Bond University for a variety of reasons. The presenters were really engaging and seemed genuinely interested to hear our thoughts and have discussions with us. We all learnt a lot, and I feel like I have obtained a lot of new skills which I can take with me into everyday life. I feel grateful to have been given the opportunity to attend the seminar and I would absolutely recommend it to those entering year 10 next year and who are given the opportunity to attend."

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