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Week 6, Term One, 2019

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Last Saturday saw 11 new rowers, almost as many existing rowers and our two rowing captains all descend upon the Somerset Pool to practise throwing themselves out of a single scull. The number of current rowers who turned out to help the newest rowers with their capsize drills attests to the level of fun to be had.

New rowers Leapt from a single, flipped it over and then, accompanied by yells of encouragement (and advice), stood on the rigger to flip it back before clambering successfully into the boat. Naturally all this is done in sports uniform because who rows in swimmers!

However, as much fun as it is, the drill has a serious side, ensuring our rowers are fully capable of righting themselves if the unthinkable happens while out training or racing. This is particularly important during racing as a rower can only continue after capsizing if they can right their boat unassisted – something Somerset rowers do each and every time.

With the regatta season fast approaching, starting with the House Rowing Regatta 30 March, the skills learnt will be put to good use and the comradery forged within the team contributing to what is sure to be another successful rowing year.

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