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Week 5, Term One 2019

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During Wednesday lunch, members of the SLT held our first ever Captains' Chat. The College Captains, Vice Captains and House Captains gathered in the Gallus building with our snacks and games, and we braced ourselves.

We readied for the incoming of what turned out to be around 30 energetic Year 7 and 8 students who were ready to take Albert on in Connect 4, test Vivi’s drawing skills and of course, eat all of our food.

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Captains Chat is a great way for the SLT to get to know students in the younger grades, in a relaxed, stress free environment. They can bring their lunch and come for a chat, some advice, homework help, to play games or just have a chat.

Our first captains chat was a great success, and we are hoping to open it up to all grades in the next few weeks to come.

See everyone back in Gallus 2.4 in a fortnight!

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