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Celebrating with Year 10 - Personal Project Exhibition




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Week 2,
Term Four, 2016

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Last week the Year 10 celebrated their Personal Project Exhibition. On Wednesday night they welcomed Year 9 students and their parents to The Great Hall where they shared their experiences and project wisdom as Year 9 themselves set off on their Personal Project journey.

On Thursday night they celebrated the conclusion of the Exhibition with parents and Senior staff. The Great Hall was certainly a frenzy of creativity, passion, enthusiasm and achievement. Our Year 10s undoubtedly excelled and were keen to share their accomplishments with those who joined them. If you managed to walk through The Great Hall and look at the exhibits last week, I am sure you would agree the standard of presentations was simply a credit to all involved. So many standouts, ranging from restoring a mini bike and also motors vehicles, incredible creative artwork, including fine arts projects, music compositions, architectural models, a short story composed in French, detailing the heart wrenching time through the recent Paris bombings, heartfelt recipe books detailing family favourites, Hong Kong Street food exploration, garden creations reflecting food source or aesthetic, a purpose-built tree house, amazing video productions, sport programmes for elite athletes, service projects such as the knitted tops for the Chiang Mai hill tribe women, new Spartan-designed AFL jersey, computer builds, restored arcade gaming machines, dance compositions and squad development for competitive purposes ... the list is endless and represents the many varied interests and talents of our students.

To put this journey in perspective, the Personal Project is a requirement for students in the 5th year of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP). The project itself encourages students to practise and strengthen their skills, to consolidate prior and subject-specific learning, and to develop an area of personal interest. The Personal Project provided an excellent opportunity for our students to produce a truly personal and creative product or outcome, which demonstrated consolidation of their learning in the MYP. The personal nature of the project is important given we are asking Year 10 students to complete an assessment over a nine month period – the fact that it revolves around a challenge that motivates and interests the individual student is what makes the final outcome so impressive.

To all those students who were standing proud next to their products on Wednesday and Thursday evening, who worked diligently on their online blog and willingly shared their personal stories about their journey with others, we congratulate you. We recognise it is a mighty achievement that did, at times, seem daunting, yet you reached the end through determination, self-motivation and tenacity. All great skills to take you forward into Year 11!

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