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Week 2, Term One, 2018

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Each year Somerset College provides a variety of meaningful opportunities for students as a part of our Service Learning Programme. For Year 10 students, we are delighted to offer Clover Connect Ready Reader programme, which takes place each Wednesday from 8 until 8.30am at Clover Hill State School, commencing in Week 4.

The programme involves a Somerset student sitting with a child from Clover Hill State School to support them with their reading. Sometimes, they might also assist students with their homework.

2018 - T1 - W2 - Clover Connect

In previous years, Somerset College students have had an enormous impact on the students at Clover Hill; many students have benefitted from this shared love of reading and it has motivated the more reluctant readers to pick up a book due to the relationships formed between our students. Reading is vital for developing literacy, a good vocabulary and a vivid imagination, and this helps to improve the school experience for the Clover Hill students. Year 10 students are encouraged to register for this opportunity, in particular, I would like to encourage male students to sign-up as this helps to increase the number of boys from Clover Hill who will engage with the programme.

Somerset students participating in the programme will be required to sign in at Clover Hill Reception before proceeding to the library at 8.00am. Time supervision by Somerset College staff will commence then. Students will be walked back to Somerset College by Mrs Sally Leslie at 8.30am.

All parents of Year 10 students have been emailed the permission form. Please have a talk with your Year 10 student about this opportunity and kindly respond via the link in the permission form. Once we have a list of participants, a roster will be created to share the responsibility for the programme and this roster will be distributed to parents and students as soon as possible.

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