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Week 4, Term Two, 2017

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Every Wednesday before school, the Year 12 cohort of Somerset College have been participating in the Clover Hill State School Breakfast Club. The Breakfast Club offers students an opportunity to give back to the community by connecting with the Clover Hill students. It is a relaxed and social environment, with each morning usually consisting of a casual chat with the primary students over breakfast and a round of board games before they go to their first class for the day.

The Clover students look forward to seeing us each week so that we may continue our games and conversations from the week prior. The Breakfast Club is a fantastic chance for any senior students looking to give something back to their local community just by having some fun with primary students. The club will continue each Wednesday throughout the term. I urge any seniors who are free before class on Wednesday to make their way to the Clover Hill gymnasium for a fun, engaging and entertaining morning.

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