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Collaboration is key in IB Theatre Arts




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Week 4, Term Two, 2017

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Rosie Bensley and Xenavee Goldsmith are in the process of completing the Theatre Arts curriculum as part of their IB Diploma. This student centred course encourages each learner to engineer their own learning experience, by selecting the practitioners, performance conventions, styles and plays they wish to study. One of the four assessment tasks the girls must submit in 2017 is the Collaborative Project and they completed the performance component on Thursday the 27th of April in the Performing Arts Theatre.

The Collaborative Project involves the girls working with an ensemble to create and present an original piece of theatre to a specifically targeted audience, developed from a starting point. In this case, a non-dramatic text. Rosie and Xenavee decided to create a piece based on the children’s story book Limu the Blue Turtle, written by Kimo Armitage, to an audience of Year 2 and 3 students from the Somerset College Junior School.

Their next step was to select an ensemble to work with. They approached a group of Year 9 and 10 students who had an interest in movement based theatre and were willing to actively participate in the process of devising a new work.

The rehearsal process took place over four weeks, with the girls creating a multi-disciplined theatre piece complete with movement, physical theatre, projection and shadow puppetry.

The performance explored the theme of acceptance as the ensemble took their audience on a rollicking adventure under the sea with Limu and her friend Naani. At the conclusion of the piece there was a question and answer session. This is a crucial part of the IB Theatre Arts program. The students need to measure the impact their performances have on their audience, and analyse whether or not they (as devisers, directors, designers and performers) were successful in portraying meaning.

A huge thank you needs to be expressed to the incredibly motivated ensemble, Anna Boone, Jenna Goldie, Bella Harris and Emma Lekich, for their commitment and contributions of ideas and energy throughout the devising process. Another thank you needs to go to Ms Morley and our talented student technical crew - Harrison Cripps, Aaron Paddon, Ben Batho and Joel Andrew for helping bring the story of Limu the Blue Turtle to life with lighting effects, sound and projection.

Congratulations Rosie and Xenavee!

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