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Week 10, Term One, 2019

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Somerset College’s Year 9 Studies in Commerce students embarked on a journey to visit the Southport Courts, Tuesday 19 March. We stood outside the Southport Courts, eagerly anticipating the visit.

The legal system as a massive part of everyone’s daily lives and is extremely imperative that we are aware of its impacts. We wished to know how the knowledge we had accumulated in class, actually applied in real life and how it affected us from a day to day basis. The structure, layout and mindset of what occurs in a courtroom cannot be replicated within a classroom.

2019 - T1 - W10 - court visit

This visit allowed us to gain an insight into the mentality of the courtroom, an experience, I’m sure not a single one of us will forget. The cases we saw involved criminal matters and dealt with issues such as domestic violence in the District Court and drug and driving related legal cases, in the Arrest Court.

We are all grateful to have had this opportunity provided to us by Somerset College and would also like to thank the Southport Courts for accommodating us during this time.

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