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Week 5, Term Two, 2018

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My name is Jenna Goldie and I am in Year 10. Part of the student life at Somerset entails the MYP Personal Project and for my project, I chose to plan, organise and advertise an event here at the College (Crazy Sock Day), in order to raise money for the charity, Guide Dogs Queensland.

My aim for this day was to encourage most of the staff and students in the Senior School to wear crazy, mismatched socks to school, as well as raise more than $500 for my chosen charity. I am happy so say that both of these goals were definitely achieved, making the outcome of my Project a success.

2018 - T2 - W5 - sock day

This weekend, I will be donating the $556.50 that was generously donated by all of the partakers to the Guide Dogs QLD organisation, so they may continue with all the amazing work they do in helping the visually impaired.

Needless to say, this was an incredible learning experience. I learnt copious amounts in regards to the most effective ways to advertise in/around the school, as well as developing my planning and organisation skills to an unbelievable extent.

Despite this event becoming quite stressful at times – certainly on the day – I was able to see Crazy Sock Day finally be transposed from pen and paper, into a marvellous reality.

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