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Daniel George Visits Andrews House for the Still I Rise Foundation




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Week 7,
Term One, 2016

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On Thursday of last week, Andrews House was lucky enough to be joined by a very special guest for our House Meeting. Daniel George who is the son of Year 6 teacher Mrs George, graciously came to talk to us about the Andrew’s House charity, Still I Rise.

Daniel played college basketball in the USA and then played professionally for a couple of years here in Australia. He was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2009, and he now runs his own financial planning business as well as being the Founder of 'Still I Rise'.

2016-T1-W7-Still I Rise

The 'Still I Rise' Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation providing counselling and rehabilitation services to Australians living with cancer. Australians are fortunate to have access to world class clinical care that provides patients with the best possible chance of overcoming cancer. In addition, many organisations are searching for a cure for cancer. However a cure does not help those people fighting for their life right now. The 'Still I Rise' Foundation believes that patients need more than medicine – they need emotional support, sometimes a shoulder to cry on and someone to listen to their fears. They need support today, as well as a cure tomorrow. The 'Still I Rise' Foundation is here to help bridge that gap.

Our partnership with the 'Still I Rise' charity is an important part of our House and this year our goal is for every PC to come up with a fundraising event, carry it out and hopefully raise some much-needed funds for this amazing charity. At this House meeting, Daniel provided us with insight into his life and the personal hardships he faced whilst living with cancer as well as how he eventually overcome it with the support of his family and friends. We were able to hear, first-hand, about why our fundraising efforts are so important and also hear about the gratified recipients of our hard-earned funds. We were also honoured to present Daniel with a cheque for over $1600 as a result of fundraising efforts for 'Still I Rise' so far this year. This amount included funds raised by the Year 6G cake stall held in Week 5 and we were lucky enough to be joined by Year 6 class representatives Angus Miller (Andrews Captain), Jackson McMonagle and Jorja Otto.

Andrews House looks forward to continuing to support this wonderful charity Still I Rise and aim to keep providing patients with the emotional support necessary to fight cancer.

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