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Drama: Bringing the Classroom to Contemporary Theatre Spaces




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Week 5,
Term Two, 2016

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Drama in the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme engages students in an active relationship with the theatre. This theatre space allows Drama students to develop confidence, creativity, communication and critical thinking skills, whilst also encouraging the exploration of identity and individuality through our ever changing social and global contexts.

Whilst Drama is one of the oldest forms of artistic expression used to reflect, change and understand our world, it is certainly not a static medium and has always evolved with the times to meet the shifting needs of society. The Years 9 and 10 Drama students this year have been fortunate to explore two cutting edge performing arts centres as part of their studies; the Arts Centre Gold Coast and the Queensland Performing Arts Centre.

In Term One, the Year 9 students learnt about the technological advances in theatre lighting through up-close exploration of the Arts Centre Gold Coast mainstage lighting rig. To be given access to such technical resources caused much excitement amongst the students; leading to engagement and enthusiasm not seen in the classroom through mere discussion of the topic. Similarly, this past week has seen the Year 10 Drama students explore the multifaceted, constantly evolving spaces and technologies of the Queensland Performing Arts Centre. Whilst many may visit this space as an audience member, to be given behind the scenes access to discover the technical production aspects of a show is an opportunity to engage in authentic learning which is not to be missed. To see the level of engagement amongst the students when exploring this space again highlighted the important position of real world, authentic learning within pedagogy.

It was a pleasure for the Drama staff to inquire alongside the Years 9 and 10 students in their exploration of these spaces and share the love of learning and Drama with their classes.

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