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Week 1,
Term Four, 2016

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In the last week of Term Three, an area of the school was transformed into an ‘Egyptian Arena’ by the Year 7 cohort. The Five Great Pharaohs had their subjects bowing to the Gods for prosperity and good fortune!

The students dressed for the occasion in ancient Egyptian clothing and presented their artefacts before displaying them in the ‘Museum of Antiquities’. The standard of models was very high this year and every student put a lot of creative thought into their costume designs.

2016 - T4 - W1 - Egypt

The ‘subjects’ were then served with a mouth-watering chocolate pyramids after completing their activities. These were a real hit with the students and the morning activities were a great way to end their MYP unit on Ancient Egypt.

This week the students are viewing and posting comments on the E-Portfolio pages of their peers and broadening their knowledge on how the Ancient Egyptians lived.

The Ancient Egyptian games of Mehen, Senet, wooden spinning tops and traditional activities were enjoyed by all. The ‘Ankh’ - the symbol of life - proved to be very successful in the ‘pottery’ room. Many were in awe of the Catalyst programme where scientific techniques were used to solve some of the mysteries of the mummies.

We have a great selection of photos to view of the day’s activities that were taken by our very own Year 7 student; Byron Wormell. These can be found on the Year 7 page on Schoolbox.

A big ‘thank you’ also to the staff who supervised the activities but a big, special thank you to the students who demonstrated a lot of creativity and enthusiasm to get into the ‘spirit’ of Ancient Egyptian Life as it was, thousands of years ago.

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