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Week 4,
Term Three, 2016

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What an adventure the High School Musical journey has been! From starting rehearsals early in the year to producing three spectacular shows, we know we speak on behalf of the cast when we say all the tiring rehearsals were worth it!

We were really ‘counting on’ all cast members to put a big smile on their faces and ‘bop to the top’ on performance nights. Students were ‘Breaking Free’, cake was thrown on faces and we all learnt the earthworm is Ms Darbus’ new favourite animal.

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The annual Senior School Musical is always a highlight of the Performing Arts Department and although it is a wrap for 2016, I’m sure 2017 will bring another Broadway-worthy musical to the stage.

However, none of this could have happened without Mrs Roberts and Mrs Fisher and the rest of the team, Mrs Anne Rowe, Mrs Anne Mason and Mrs Josephine Strand. We want to thank them for all the hard work and effort put into this show and we all appreciate it because ‘I’ve never had someone’ who can be such amazing team! Not to mention all the others who were involved in making this show so fantastic. We truly were ‘All In This Together’!

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