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Week 3, Term Two, 2018

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Breakout EDU is an interactive French game that I, along with my peers in Year 10 French, took part in last Friday. The game involves many puzzles including QR codes, number problems, locks, keys and ultra violet lights revealing clues.

Breakout EDU allowed us to work in an interactive and cooperative learning environment, all whilst learning new French vocabulary and revising existing content.

2018 - T2 - W3 - french

I can confidently speak on behalf of my class in saying that this was one of the most beneficial activities we have played in French since starting it in Junior School. This is because everyone in the classroom was working together to solve the problems and were enjoying themselves. It did not even feel like we were revising content and everyone learnt in a more kinaesthetic and entertaining way.

Leaving the classroom, I even heard one of my classmates saying, it "was the best French lesson ever".

We all look forward to taking part in this game again and continuing to learn in this hands-on, collaborative environment.

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