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Week 10,
Term Three, 2016

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The Year 11 Information and Technology Systems (ITS) students attended a fun excursion to Brisbane and Yatala to explore the use of technology in industry and tertiary education. We visited Suncorp, Carlton and United Breweries, JMC Academy and The Cube QUT.

It is important that our students have knowledge about the variety of ways that technology is used in industry. Technology is so ubiquitous in our everyday lives that we often forget that we are using it and that we are surrounded by it! Governments, business, and education systems around the world recognise this and are therefore pushing for an increase in people with technology skills.

The Year 11 ITS students were fortunate to be able to visit Suncorp at the Rio Tinto building and they were impressed with the modern, open workspace in a fantastic, centrally-located office building. The lovely people at Suncorp welcomed us with pizza lunch and taught the students about Agile Modelling and IT Security. It was great for the students to meet Suncorp employees working in a range of IT roles. The students were inspired by this visit and they are keen to learn more about the organisation’s graduate programme for their future study and work plans.

Another highlight of our excursion was a tour of some of the packaging plant at Carlton and United Breweries (CUB) in Yatala. This highly automated manufacturing environment was an interesting contrast from the Suncorp visit and clearly showed the students the varying uses of technology in industry. The CUB tour included viewing beer filling and packaging. There were plenty of examples of complex automated expert machinery and also robotics used for simple, repetitive tasks. The students were shown how the management information system (MIS) could be used to monitor, schedule, and track the automated processes in the plant.

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