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GCSSDF Intermediate Play: Wolf Lullaby




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Week 8,
Term Three, 2016

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On Thursday 18 August, the Somerset College Intermediate Play cast performed their thought-provoking piece, Wolf Lullaby, at Trinity Lutheran College. The play, set in a remote Tasmanian town, was centred around a murder committed by a young girl.

It posed many interesting questions – Do we all have the ability to commit evil? And where is the line between good and evil? The talented cast did an exceptional job of such a challenging and emotionally intense play – reflecting all the time and effort every member of cast put into the production.

They performed outstandingly well on the night, taking home the following highly commended awards:

  • Acting (Vivi Baker, Abby Roach and Bella Harris)
  • Direction (Isabella Astras and Rosie Bensley)
  • Ensemble Work

The performance received much praise from both the adjudicator and audience and the cast were commended on their maturity in tackling an emotionally intense and demanding subject matter.

The play could not have gone ahead without the amazing Ms Morely and the support of the entire cast - Vivi Baker, Lucas Stokes, Kristen Crasto, Abby Roach, Michael Savic, Bella Harris, Lilly Thompson, Olivia Hammond, Candice Taylor, Erin Hegarty and Madeleine Strickland. A more imaginative, talented and good humoured cast would be impossible to find.

Thankyou to everyone involved!

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