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Week 9,
Term Two, 2016

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Congratulations to our Grand Final winners and to all our students and coaches who have played APS Netball this season. You have performed and represented Somerset admirably.

Our 1st VII team took on Coomera Anglican College at Coomera on Friday and it was the typical Grand Final showdown. Both teams played tough defence and in the end it was the team that made the least errors that took the title - Coomera, winning the Grand Final, 30-25. All players are to be congratulated on their efforts with outstanding performances by Chelsea Blauberg and Rylee Burns.

Year 9A Champion Team

Grand Final Winners - Year 9A

The As took the lead in the first quarter, ending with a 2 point lead (7-5). They led throughout the game but were constantly chased by Coomera Anglican College, with the gap fluctuating between 6 and 2 points in the first 3 quarters. Half time score we led 14-10.

Tara and Sara worked hard in defence, turning over plenty of ball which was then taken down court steadily. Remaining calm under pressure, good talk and moving on from any mistakes quickly were the objectives for the game, and the girls did a great job, achieving all three. At 3/4 time the score was 23-18.

The final quarter was a matter of scoring from our centre passes; anything else being a bonus. Again, the girls delivered, almost doubling their 5 point lead (23-18) from the start of the 4th quarter, winning by an impressive 9 points (32-23).

Helen Coombes

Grand Final Winners - Open B

The Open B Netball girls played an amazing game for the Premiership flag on Friday against Coomera Anglican College. The girls have played well all season, as a complete team, finishing the season undefeated and Premiers. The final score was 23-30 in our favour.

The shooting throughout the season was executed by our four star shooters Ashlyn Taylor, McKenzie O’Sullivan, Olivia Sina and Izzy Freeman. Our strong defence was held by Catherine Gerrard, Amy Goodburn, and Brieanna Bischof. Our connecting mid-courters with some amazing passes and intercepts were Julia Wright Smith, Ashlee Rana-Smith and Lucia Collins; and keeping it all together our smart and sensible centre Jessica Hossy.

Thanks for a fantastic season of fun, enjoyment, progress and lots of winning. Thank you for allowing me to coach you, the way I do, as you have had fun and developed new levels of skills in the wonderful game of netball. Thank you for believing in yourselves; remember ‘if you believe, anything is possible’. The power of positivity. We did it. Woohoo!

Melanie Framp

Grand Final Winners - Open C

The Open D team were thrilled to reach the premiership play-off and gave it their best shot, but eventually going down to All Saints Anglican School by 21-13. The Open C team, also in a premiership match, had a tough fight on their hands against a determined Coomera Anglican College team. At 3/4 time, they were down 4 goals, but came back in the last quarter to blast the opposition off the court and win the game, 20-17. Congratulations to our new Premiership Team, the Open C netballers!

Elly Lynch

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