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Haven’t You Always Wanted to be in a High School Musical?




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Week 1,
Term Three, 2016

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During the holidays and over the next few weeks, the Performing Arts Theatre will be transformed as the cast and crew of the musical are putting together the final touches for the show.

Definitely not wanting to Stick to the Status Quo, the cast and crew have been working hard putting this show together; sets, costumes and sound and lighting plots are ready to go. Everyone has been working exceptionally hard to ensure that no one feels they need to be placed into Detention. All is almost ready as the show is in that extremely busy eleventh-hour phase where all is finalised as we approach that point that the entire cast all knows they have to Get’cha Head in the Game. At this point, we also need to thank those who are working so hard to make this show a spectacle to behold.

2016 - T3 - W1 - High School Musical

Make sure you are ready to Bop to the Top and will be happy Breaking Free as we give a huge Wildcat Cheer for the Start of Something New. Tickets for the show are now available at this link and are selling fast, so make sure you get in quickly, as We’re All In This Together.

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