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Week 6,
Term One, 2017

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During Weeks 4 and 5, each of the Houses in the Senior School co-ordinated a Chapel for their students, parents and staff.

House Chapels are much more than an opportunity for worship; they represent a coming together of the extended House community to celebrate their collective identity and give thanks for supporting one another over the coming year. Each of the five services had its own theme, as outlined below.

The Andrews House Chapel was scheduled for Tuesday 14 February and so, inspired by Valentine’s Day, the students of Andrews House took a deeper look at the meaning of love and why love is more than just romance, but an appreciation of those people and parts of our lives that bring us joy, comfort and happiness. Lead by House Captains Lewis Ioannou and Olivia Hodge, we had a wonderful evening exploring the concept of love, inviting our families and friends to consider what and who we love and, more importantly how we demonstrate that love not just on special occasions, but every day of our lives.

Franklin House focused their Chapel on positivity and the value of generosity of spirit. Messages were inspired by the Gospel of Luke and Corinthians: ‘those who sow bountifully will also receive bountifully’. The House reflected on those who had served our community and who embodied the very essence of generosity of spirit. House Captains, Ali Harris and Matt Smith honoured the legacy of Mother Teresa and, with the message of generosity in mind, Franklin were proud to present a donation to Still Waters (Salvation Army).

The Laver House Chapel explored the themes of ‘truth and generosity of spirit’. As a House, Laver reflected on the importance of earning the respect of others by being generous and truthful. Mr Oman shared a children’s story which emphasised the importance these two principles by which we all might live our lives. House Captains, Caroline Mitchell and Olivier Rosendahl shared their own personal stories of being generous and truthful, which resonated with both staff and their peers. In the spirit of generosity, Laver House were proud to present a donation to Rize Up.

Starkey House students and families gathered to celebrate and reflect upon the ways in which we can each live a life with a generous spirit. This theme was reiterated throughout the service through our students speakers, bible readings and the generous contributions made towards our House Charity, The Salvation Army and the Meals That Make A Difference Programme. With a generous mind and heart, we can all make a difference to the lives of others.

The Veivers House Chapel discussed the term ‘generous’, which describes one who freely gives to others. By its very nature, generosity excludes the expectation of reward. There are opportunities for each and every one of us to show leadership through serving others. Whether it is participating in our milkshake stalls or doing something as simple as helping a friend with a maths problem, there are countless ways we can make other people’s lives that little bit easier. All that is required is a little compassion for another’s needs and a willingness to take some time.

We are particularly indebted to the students who have helped present these services. House Orchestras played the hymns and House Choirs shared very moving performances. From Years 7 to 12, our students worked so well together to very memorable services.

We also extend our thanks to our Heads of House (Ms Bronwyn Lee, Mrs Allison Foster, Mr Dane Oman, Miss Melinda Green and Mr Brad Walker), Mr Richard Gazal, Mrs Sue Roberts, and Mrs Josephine Strand for co-ordinating these wonderful evenings.

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