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Week 7, Term One, 2020

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The House Play Festival celebrated its 30th year in 2020 and the audience was treated to two spectacular evenings of performance, punctuated by laughter, energy and House Spirit. Actor and Playwright, Merlynn Tong was tasked with the almost impossible, deciding the major awards of the evening and the Overall Triumphant House Play.

Starkey performed Heaven Can Wait, Laver, The Bible in 30 Minutes or Less, Veivers, Compass, Franklin, Did Someone Say Bingo?, and Andrews, Back to reality.
After much deliberation, Starkey House was announced as the best Overall Play and Laver House won the Adjudicator’s Award for their ensemble work. Outstanding Actor awards were presented to Calvin Walther, Ella Stewart, Mitchell Wuth and Ella Kirk.

Thanks must go to the House Play Directors for their co-ordination of five entertaining, impressive pieces of theatre and their talented casts, who worked tirelessly this term. The passion, energy and commitment of Mrs Anna D’Arcy, Assistant Head of Department – Performing Arts is enviable and her support, advice and guidance made the Festival one to remember. The Technical Services Crew provided much appreciated assistance throughout the process also. Thank you to staff who assisted during the Festival, providing such wonderful encouragement to our actors.

Acknowledging the 30th anniversary of the Festival provided the opportunity for casts to reflect on why students embrace the Festival and all that it offers to our students. We eagerly await the 2021 productions!

  1. A sense of family.
  2. It boosts your confidence.
  3. Helps me to become a more social person.
  4. Finishing a play is incredibly rewarding.
  5. A nice way to meet new people in different grades.
  6. The cast is made up of people who share your interests.
  7. Exposure to the theatre.
  8. Directing helps develop leadership skills.
  9. Discover new things about yourself.
  10. The experience of performing on stage.
  11. I love performing!
  12. It helps foster a sense of community in our House.
  13. House Plays broadens your opportunities to succeed and thrive in a school environment.
  14. It is good to discover what you are capable of.
  15. The pizza dinner before the show!
  16. Creative freedom.
  17. Builds teamwork skills.
  18. A space where everyone can give ideas and is encouraged.
  19. Seeing peoples talent develop from year to year.
  20. We get to work through every step of staging a play.
  21. Fun!
  22. I get to learn how to use the sound desk.
  23. It helps with my organisation skills. You have to be organised if you are in House Plays!
  24. I like working with technology throughout performances.
  25. I can learn about all of the different equipment in the theatre.
  26. Strong bonds and friendship.
  27. Supporting each other.
  28. Laughing in the rehearsal room.
  29. It is important to me. I have formed friendships and love performing, especially when I can put a smile on someone’s face.
  30. It relaxes me because it is fun.
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