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Week 6,
Term One, 2016

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As the purple haze of the House Swimming Carnival fades, the competition reignited this week with the annual House Plays Festival. The last five weeks has seen a flurry of student directed thespian activity in the Performing Arts Theatre, as each of the House Play Directors prepared their House to take to the stage.

Last night audiences were entertained by a condensed version of the entire works of Shakespeare, scenes from the Wild West (including tumbleweeds), a fairy-tale, tips on how to survive the zombie apocalypse and some existential musing on suburban life. The evening featured strong ensemble work, extraordinary props, plenty of puns, an onstage band, large casts and two student devised plays (congratulations Xsarea Power and Declan Roberts from Andrews House and Rose Gamble from Veivers House). These plays were a credit to all that were involved and once again demonstrated the depth of talent that we have at the College.

Franklin House performing Grimms Fairy Tales from the Belly of a Frog

Whilst these plays are a team effort special mention must go to Directors and Assistant Directors (Andrews - Xsarea Power and Declan Roberts; Franklin - Shona Jackson and Jessica Stewart; Laver – Ryan Hamilton and Soraya Le Marshall; Starkey - Jessica Hossy and Eloise Bourke; Veivers – Rose Gamble and Michael Redfern) who had the immense task of taking the page to the stage in five short weeks.

Tonight we eagerly anticipate the adjudicator’s verdict. This year we welcome back Alumnus JP Vizcay Wilson (Class of 2006) to make the hard decisions. We wish cast and crew all the best for their performances tonight.

Special thanks must go to all the staff that supported the students in these productions. We especially acknowledge the efforts of Mrs Katrina Fisher, Ms Bronwyn Lee, Mrs Allison Foster, Mr Dane Oman, Mr Rob Davies, Mr Brad Walker, Miss Melinda Green, Miss Josephine Flynn, Mrs Sue Roberts and Mr Stuart Roberts.

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