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How Do I Get to Carnegie Hall?




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Week 9,
Term One, 2017

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Practise, practise, practise. Congratulations to Lilly Thompson! Lilly has been accepted as a Junior Finalist in the Honors Junior Choir for the 2017 Middle School Honors Performance Series.

The Selection Board and Conductors reviewed Lilly’s application and chose Lilly to represent the dedicated middle school performers by performing at Carnegie Hall. Lilly’s acceptance to this talented group is a direct result of the dedication and achievements demonstrated in Lilly’s application.

Recognition as a Junior Finalist is the first step toward performing second soprano with the Honors Junior Choir at Carnegie Hall. In preparation for her performance, Lilly will be receiving regular updates, sheet music, and practice notes from the Conductor, Greg Gilpin, over the upcoming months. In May, Lilly will be assigned a Program Chaperone, who will be there for her arrival in New York. Upon arrival in New York, Junior Finalists will have the opportunity to learn from Mr Gilpin, work with other Junior Finalists, get a taste of New York City and, most importantly, perform at Carnegie Hall in June!

Well done, Lilly! We look forward to hearing all about your adventure on your return.

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