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Week 2, Term Four, 2019

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In Term Three, students in Years 7 and 8 Mathematics, Years 9 and 10 Mathematics Extended and selected students in Years 11 and 12, participated in the prestigious ICAS Mathematics Assessment. This year the ICAS Assessments moved online, a change that reflects a sector-wide transition to computer-based assessment.

Students from Somerset College achieved excellent results and those students whose achievements were outstanding were rewarded with Certificates of Merit, Credit, Distinction and High Distinction.

2019 - T4 - W2 - ICAS HDs.jpg

In total, six students achieved scores in the top 1% nationally and were awarded High Distinction certificates. We had 36 students achieved results in the top 2% - 10% nationally and were awarded Distinction certificates. The names of these students appear below.

High Distinction (Top 1% of Australia)

In Year 7 Patrick Liu
In Year 8 Tristan Song
In Year 9 Kei Naito, Anna Georgeson and Aaron Lim
In Year 11 Clare Hong


Year 7
Luke Tanke and Xavier O’Brien (Top 3%)
Penelope Deacon and Sean Perry (Top 4%)
James Georgeson (Top 6%)
Kakeru Adachi, Gene Wu and Lily Kimberly (Top 8%)
James Young, Aaron Huang and Rick Hu (Top 11%)

Year 8
James Bindra (Top 6%)
Luke Shirley and Aditya Naik (Top 8%)
Max Deffenti, Nitika Bethi, Yuvi Chauhan and Helen Zhang (Top 10%)

Year 9 Marc Hagan and Daniel Harvey (Top 2%)
Nathalie Brown (Top 3%)
Ruben Yam (Top 4%)
Bowie Zeng and Lauren Chan (Top 9%)
Cindy Xue (Top 11%)

Year 10
Angus Cheung (Top 2%)
Chloe Ming, Adachi Miku and Elaine Wang (Top 5%)
Kevin Bao (Top 9%)

Year 12 Harry Ko (Top 2%)
Kevin Song (Top 9%)

I would like to recognise the participation of students from Somerset College who took up the personal challenge of ICAS and extended themselves academically.

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