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Week 3,
Term Four, 2016

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In Term Three, students in Years 7 to 10 participated in the University of New South Wales ICAS Mathematics Competition. Students from Somerset College achieved excellent results and those students whose achievements were outstanding were rewarded with Certificates of Merit, Credit, Distinction and High Distinction.

In total, six students achieved scores in the top 1% of both the State and Nation and were awarded High Distinction certificates. 38 students achieved results in the top 6% of the State and were awarded Distinction certificates. The names of these students appear below.

2016 - T4 - W3 - Maths

High Distinction (Top 1% of Queensland and Australia)

  • Year 7 - Anna Hori
  • Year 8 - Mohnish Chand
  • Year 9 - Kevin Song, Matthew Sprague, George Tian
  • Year 10 - Uni Kyeong

Distinction (Top 6% of Queensland)

  • Year 7 - Roy Hsu, Vincent Chen, Aiden Eddywing, Andre Vasquez, Miku Adachi, Joy Jeng, Momoe Gondo, Jack Taylor
  • Year 8 - Joanne Ryu, Ethan Chant, Jack Luke-Paredi, Jack Hellier, Anthony McKenna, Dom Bensley, James Guy, Nikita Khatri, Jacinta Mai, Abhinay Panda
  • Year 9 - Manfredi Bondi, Chad Brodbeck, Josephine Chase, Ray Cheng, Brock Hudson, Joanne Joe, Harry Ko, Zachary Lai, Himman Lo,Sophie Osborne, Nuoyan Xu
  • Year 10 - Aidan McKeon, Kevina Yau, Michael Blauberg, Marc Eksteen, Olivia Hammond, Charlie Harmelin, Lachlan Munro, Emilia Neve, Jason Zhang

I would like to recognise the participation of students from Somerset College with certificates and congratulate them on their efforts and achievements.

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