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Inter-House Debating 2019




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Week 2, Term Three, 2019

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As is tradition, this year the five houses once again engaged in a short inter-house debating competition as part of the Activities Day festivities. A win attracted two house points where an award of ‘best speaker’ attracted one.

Congratulations to Laver and Andrews Houses, who both tied first on five points for their house.

The programme is designed to be a fun showcase of debating, with each team incorporating both experienced debaters and those new to the activity.

Students debated the topic, 'Dogs are better than humans', which saw passionate dog-lovers arguing against their prized pooches, whilst some of the staunchly human-inclined had to vouch for their four-legged foes.

Next year, we hope for the activity to culminate in an inter-house debating ‘final’ to be held at lunch time, attracting a crowd to witness the expertly-articulated wit that our debaters have to offer. Watch this space!

2019 Inter-House Debating Results


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